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We are a team of passionate to perfection , experienced professionals in the field of product sourcing, logistic & transport service with the vision of providing One stop Solution to our customers.

Having built a solid network of worldwide partners throughout our long-standing presence in the field of transport and supply chain, we bring to you the optimum combination of cost, speed, safety, and quality.

OUR VISION To be the first choice of our customers in any international project forwarding.

Our company’s vision is based on a customer-oriented system of achieving goals. Our main priority is to satisfy our customers` needs and create a climate of trust for a fruitful and long-term cooperation.

We believe that the most important for our customers is to build professional relationships with them and besides the solutions that we offer and the various difficulties that arise for them to be the trusted advisor and partners.
Focused on offering product sourcing, transport, and logistics solutions for any business, related to the materials and goods, our accurate result and speed of handling requests is verified by our flexibility to cope with even the most difficult and demanding situations, while providing high-quality services at the most competitive cost as one stop solution.
Effectiveness as a product of excellent management and implementation is, for Belami LTD , the ethical reward of striving for the best quality of service, a fact that makes the company the ideal choice for clients.


Our speed is verified by our flexibility to cope with even the most difficult and demanding situations, while providing high-quality services at the most competitive cost.

We offer to our customers global and competitive transport and logistics services of a consistent high quality, as well product sourcing through our partners globally We are dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and high-quality service.
We treat our customers as our strategic partners, building long term relationships based on honesty and consistency.

Together with our partners we face the challenges positively, combining the experience with the enthusiasm and the willingness
We go the extra mile… so you don’t have to…

We are constantly working as a team to achieve the best possible outcome. Our team and our well-organized global networks of agents provide continuous flow of information.
We always aim for the highest possible quality of service. We do believe that high-quality standards are the way to success.

What We Offer You At a Glance

  • Logistic Service
  • Warehousing
  • Sourcing Service
  • Sea shipping & Freight Forwarding
  • International Transportation


Whatever the kind of your need is , logistic solution , warehousing , cargo, either agricultural or chemical, electronics, apparel and much more, we can provide end to end logistic solutions through a variety of services via sea, air, rail and road transportation.

Sourcing Service

You need to find a product or a material in a competitive price but you don’t have the experience, knowledge or the necessary co-operators needed in order to achieve it? we got you covered..!
Our team will discuss with you all the required details and will make all the necessary to provide you the best possible result to the most competitive cost as one stop solution.


Within 1000m2 warehouses and growing we can store your products or loads 100% safe storage efficiently and cost effectively


We offer a comprehensive set of integrated or stand-alone 3PL services to Bulgarian -based businesses and multinational companies. Our core competency is delivering effective and efficient 3PL solutions that improve results for our customers. Our 3PL services offer all kinds of benefits, such as: Picking & packing, repackaging. Light assembly. Sequencing. Palletisation, slip sheeting.


Whatever is your demand, we offer a full and complete portfolio of services for Land, Air and Sea across the globe.Through our experience and well developed network, we provide the capability to our customers of combined transportation by using all means of modern transport, in order to achieve the optimal transportation of goods.
Belami LTD co-operates with all major carriers, in order to provide high quality and flexible services to all destinations around the world.