Complete Storage Package & Load Handling

We offer a complete Logistics and storage package to our customers. Fully equipped with Pallet racks, forklifts, electric lifts and all modern equipment which are available, allows us to be functional and extremely successful to our customers’ needs.
Collections and deliveries Nationwide are a daily program. Palletizing, shrink-wrap, repacking, breakdown are also among our services.
we can provide :
The unloading of your goods from the container or international truck or domestic transport in warehouses is performed by our skilled staff using the most modern equipment along with qualitative and quantitative control.
Storage of goods
We store your goods in our main warehouses Marikostinovo in predetermined locations.

Distribution and Delivery

Receipt of your daily orders with fax, by email or directly on line connection (electronic interface) between our data processing systems and sorting (picking) from picking locations by scanning bar codes from wireless terminals.

Final inspection
Final check to avoid errors of the sorted product – shipments before being loaded on delivery domestic trucks by scanning barcode for each consignment separately

Some of the main services we can provide are:
– Loading , distribution and delivery of your goods based on predetermined delivery times
– Labeling , repackaging , or any promotional packages .
– Issuance of all the necessary documents (delivery note of our company adjusted to you and your client’s account or we can issue your own delivery note and commercial invoice as well)

Cross Docking

Realizing that the modern trend in transportation is the flexible forms of distribution, without fixed costs for the sale of means of transport, our company has created and proposes as an alternative solution to serve the transportation project of its customers, the Cross-Docking Smart Deliveries service.

The implementation of the cross-docking system significantly simplifies the supply chain, as it reduces storage times, with the primary goal of loading the products the same day they are received .

cross-docking facilities in Marikostinovo facilitate the effective distribution of all kinds of products arriving to our warehouse to all areas throughout all EU

Dedicated Warehouses

Apart from transport services , customs clearance and insurance, is able to offer a full Logistics service through our storage, cross-docking and distribution services.

If you want to enhance the quality of your services, either you want to change the way you calculate your costs, or you wish to reduce your stock, our people and systems are ready to provide any kind of support to achieve your goals.

Transform the challenges associated with the distribution into competitive advantages of your company, we are ready to provide complete solutions for storage and distribution. From transportation and packing up to loading and unloading, the latest technology of our warehouse and our distribution system will make you more effective and competitive.

Our company’s vision is based on a customer-oriented system of achieving goals. Our main priority is to satisfy our customers needs and create a climate of trust for a fruitful and long-term cooperation.
Effectiveness as a product of excellent management and implementation is, for Thalassa Maritime, the ethical reward of striving for the best quality of service, a fact that makes the company the ideal choice for clients.
Whatever the kind of your cargo, either agricultural or chemical, electronics, apparel and much more, we can provide end to end logistic solutions through a variety of services via sea, air, rail and road transportati.